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Call Ted from Best Rate Referrals. He is super knowledgeable and good person to work with. I have tried MANY mailing companies. A lot of over promising and under delivering. I would touch base with Ted, and he will get you going in the right direction.

Jason Fischer
American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc.

John Myler knows his stuff, and is great at knowing what leads suits me best. Best Rate Referrals are very reasonable and have been the only leads I use!

Jessica S
Home Solutions Associates

I just want say thanks for the work your guys have done in getting us the leads. Brad Rumery in particular is a stud, I always enjoy dealing with him.

Matt Marovich
Homeland Lending LLC

Tenacity has been working with John and Best Rate Referrals for over a year now. John and his staff are upfront, and realistic when it comes to goals that can be achieved through their marketing avenues. Although there is no "perfect lead source" the products and the quality of the products and services offered are of the highest quality that I personally have experienced for the price point in the industry. Are some leads not going to be great, of course. We personally buy vintage leads for our TM department to call, and we are a preferred partner. We get a mix of exclusive leads, and shared. They have to be worked just like anything, but what we don't get a lot of or any at all is false information. That is the problem with most lead generation companies, like Loan Bright, Mortgage leads direct (who Tenacity has used and has experience with) Lots of misinformation, wrong numbers disconnects etc.

All and all Best Rate gives you a quality product that will definitely enhance and or replace multiple types of marketing a business may be doing with greater results IF the staff in place knows how to work the resources you are getting. The Best Rate Staff has always been professional, honest, and more helpful than anyone I have encountered on the lead generation side of the business.

Nick Burns
Tenacity Mortgage

John has been very helpful this past year. The leads he's provided us has made our company thousands of dollars. He always gets the leads to us right away when we order them. John even follows up to make sure the leads given to us are providing us with satisfactory results. Thanks John.

The Mortgage Relief Advocate Group

John is absolutely fantastic! He knows his business and he services as much as you need it. He wonderful to work with. If you need help getting your business up and running or your just ready to make more money and take it to the next level, john is definitely your guy.

Connie Crane
First Capital and Associates

After working with different marketing companies with very poor results, I finally found the company that I will use from now on, Donny Wyszynski, walk me through the whole process, gave me honest and good advice and the campaign was a success. I couldn't be more satisfied with his services and also with the services of Matt Warner. If you are looking for a professional marketing company, this is it, call Donny and he will find what is right for you, he will always answer all your concerns and is extremely helpful with everything, and the most important thing, he is professional and he knows what he is talking about, thanks Donny, it's really good to find people like you in this business.

Jose Canto
American Home Modification Services

In this day of rip-offs and scam artists, it's nice to do business with a company who embodies the word "Integrity". I have dealt with many companies over the years, and no one comes close to doing what Best Rate Referrals can do. Quality leads, lots of expert analysis, back with leads that WORK, well, let's just say you can't find a better source than working with BRR! No need to look any further, you have found your solution. Give BRR a call today!

Bill Blanchard
Personal Debt Reduction Company

Over the course of the last few months, we've bought leads from several different companies. To be honest, we haven't had much success with any of them. Raymond from Best Rate Referrals convinced us that it was all in the delivery, not in the leads. We had several conversations over the phone in regards to changing our delivery and last Thursday, I flew to Las Vegas to get a first hand taste of how the pros cold-call. Raymond was terrific! We spent a couple of hours going over the basics; the available call center set-ups. He gave me several different scenarios that will increase our profits, things that hadn't even occurred to me. But it didn't stop there. After he was fairly sure I understood the concepts he proposed, he took me into his call center and proved that they work! His entire crew was great, they let me listen in on their calls, answered every question I asked and were super supportive of my "learning curve". Based on what I witnessed, we have ordered an autodialer and my expectations are huge! Thank you Raymond for everything, you have been so supportive of us and it's so nice to see that not everyone in this industry is all about me, me, me. I would recommend to anyone and everyone who needs to fill their pipeline, and has an open mind to learn a "new" approach, to go train with Raymond. It is worth every penny, because since I left Vegas, I have 7 brand new loans, all closing this month.

Shari Linsley

I have used Ray for over 3 months now. I opened a shop 5 months ago and have had some serious learning curves (to put it nicely) with lead companies. Best Rate is a solid company and I have had a great contact and closing ratio. The reason we continue using them besides the closing ratio & Contact (HUGE) Is they are available I swear almost 24/7 and they honor all of the return leads that fall into the category.

John Cioccke
Pinnacle Funding Group

In the past two months I have placed two orders with Best Rate Referral and could not be happier. On my first order I closed 4 out of 25 (still working on 1 more). The last order I placed is still not even fulfilled and I have closed one already. I do not like dealing with companies that I have to beg for a refund that is owed to me. That's not the case w/ Best Rate. Any time I have emailed Raymond with a dispute I always get the same response "no problem bro" and I am credited. I have never had to call him to follow up.

Brian Young
Equity 1st Mortgage of Wisconsin

As a new broker shop it was critical that we obtain high quality leads from the very first day of business in order to hit the ground running. After a lot of research we placed a large order in multiple states with due to their fantastic customer service and schedule flexibility. In the end the BRR leads wound up being everything we had hoped for, and we see no need to move to another lead source. Thanks BRR!

Craig Campanaro
GreenStar Lending

I began my business relationship with Best Rate Referrals in August of 2006. I had several conversations with their Director of Sales Donny Wyszynski and decided that their telemarketing program was what I wanted to compliment my current marketing plan. I was skeptical at first because I had purchased on-line mortgage leads in the past and was left frustrated that many of the leads were either recycled several times or were people with no interest in what I had to offer. In the first week of working with Best Rate Referrals I found them to be everything they said they would be. The quality of the leads was strong. When I call a lead now I am confident that I will be speaking with someone that has a legitimate need for my services. The investment I made with Best Rate Referrals was returned many times over. I am in my second campaign with Best Rate Referrals and plan to work with them as a long-term partner in my mortgage business.

Jim Mitchell
Mitchell Funding

I have been using Donny with Best Rate Referrals for about half a year now. I buy one day old triggers and a lot of FHA and VA Streamline Mail Lists in many States. The first thing I can say is Donny and Best Rate referrals have a product that works. The data is strong. I close about 8 Loans a month off the triggers I call, and we close another 6 loans a month off the mail campaigns we send from Best Rate Referrals. But the biggest reason I remain a loyal customer with them is because of the first Rate Service I get from Donny. Almost 24/7, from his office home or cell, Donny is reachable and working to get me any changes for my filters, added states, count changes, or new lists I need in the time crunches I demand. I have had other trigger contacts with other trigger companies, and I never have gotten the attention and service from any of them that I get with Donny and Best Rate Referrals. There are not many out there in the lead Delivery business with the first rate customer service that Donny has, I would recommend him to anyone and I have been in the business for 10 years now, utilizing many different types of leads and lead companies.

Patrick J. Smith
Key Financial

Cody has been great to work with. He delivers what he promises, his product is always quality and he is very flexible. Most importantly to me, he is always accessible when needed and returns phone calls quickly. I definitely recommend him as a vendor. In fact, I have pretty much stopped working with all of my other vendors. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Jacob Dayan
Epic Financial

The level of customer service I've received from Brian Fitzmaurice (Best Rate Referrals) has been top-notch. I've had numerous bad experiences working with lead companies in the past and from the very first contact, Brian has been up front and honest about their leads and even taught me a few things I didn't know about purchasing quality leads. His wide breadth of industry knowledge has served me well in my lead purchases and the type of leads I buy for my business. The conversion ratio I've seen with his leads has been outstanding and I would recommend his services to any professional looking to grow their business by purchasing leads.

B. Carrera
Loan Support Center

Donny's come through for us time and time again. Honest, dependable, and always delivers. A pleasure to do business with each and every time. Thanks for keeping us successful Donny!

Kevin S.
TMC Capital

I have been making money with Cody and Best Rate Referrals for about 5 years now. I started purchasing there tele-marketed leads and after about 6 months of that I started buying data lists so I could start my own telemarketing lead generation. The main reason I have stayed with Best Rate Referrals is because of the customer service I receive from Cody Bennett. Cody is extremely knowledgeable about the products he sells and most important for me is that Cody is easily accessible. Cody has been a great resource to have and I look forward to utilizing his expertise for a long time to come.

Chris Quinn
Milestone Mortgage

When first approached by Brian Fitzmaurice from Best Rate Referrals, I was very hesitant about doing business with his company because my past experiences with lead vendors. Over 80% of the companies I have done business with have pitched me one thing and sold me something completely different.. Not Brian though! Everything he pitched to me on purchasing was exactly what he said it would be along with the competitive pricing. It gives me no reason to switch to another vendor.. What amazes me the most about Brian though, is the customer service he provides! He is always available no matter what time or day it is. Makes me feel like I'm his only client.

After purchasing data from Brian for the past few months and I saw the consistency. I decided to give his companies dialers a try because all the other dialer companies out their make you sign contracts and have hidden fees. There are no fees or contracts involved with Magnalogix and the quality of the system is as good as I have ever heard for a VOIP software.

Best Rate Referrals now has earned all of my marketing dollars every month and I highly recommend them to anybody in the industry along with having Brian Fitzmaurice as their sales rep.

Sam Jurkowicz
Lifeguard Financial

I have been working with Donny for over a year now for mortgage marketing and he never disappoints me with his great work ethic. Each and every time I place an order with him, he follows up with a call to make sure I have received it or anything pertaining to it. I've worked with a lot of lead vendors before and have never run into anybody with the enthusiasm that Donny portrays, who I know I can depend on and has mine and my companies best interest at heart. I would highly recommend him to my fellow colleagues.

Robert Beverly
Guaranteed Home Mortgage

There are many reasons why I have used Best Rate Referrals for the past two and a half years. I have had more success with their telemarketing leads then any other leads I have ever purchased since I got in the business six years ago. When I contact the borrowers of one of the telemarketing leads, it seems as though they are expecting my call which makes the origination process so much easier on my end. I estimate my closing ratio is around 8-10% which has made this lead source very profitable. One of my favorite things about Best Rate Referrals is their return policy. If the lead does not fit in their own criteria, I can return the lead with the reason and they will credit and replace the bad lead. They are constantly presenting new marketing campaigns as the market changes on how to close more loans and build your pipeline because they know if I am not making money, they are not making money!

Randy Szabo
West Horizon Financial

I have been buying leads for years now and have never dealt with a company like Best Rate Referrals before. I have experimented with multiple programs they have including their telemarketing leads, internet leads, and direct mail campaigns. I have nothing bad to say about any of their products because they all gave me the ROI that Brian Fitzmaurice said I would have. He is the most honest consultant that I have ever dealt with. I am very confident in any marketing idea that he has for my company.

Before we placed our first order with Best Rate Referrals, Brian took his time to figure out exactly how my company was set up and then went over the best programs for us. Once we decided on which product to go with, Brian then went over with me thoroughly on how to work the product to it's fullest potential. I used to look at Brian as a consultant but now after doing business for the time we have, I consider him a friend!

Thank you Best Rate Referrals for everything you have done!

Kevin Hurley
Dragon Law Firm

My experience with Donny Wyszynski has been nothing but exemplary. Each time I requested any information or an explanation to something, Donny responded immediately with all the answers I needed. I intend to continue to do business with Donny in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

John Braun
Modify Us

We have been able to successfully integrate best rate referrals into our strategic mortgage origination marketing. In dealing with Best Rate Referrals we get a great price on quality leads that when worked (they don't close themselves) will produce revenue. Cody has proven to be a quality and dependable account manager and has always delivered superior customer service on our account. Thank you again Cody and Best Rate Referrals!

Adam Stein
Cascade Pacific Mortgage Company

My experience in working with Brian has been excellent and the knowledge that he brings to the table is unmatched by another other company we have worked with or hired before. I have become a firm believer in Brian and his companies abilities to help us reach our targets. We continue to work with Brian and his company as our company continues to grow much to the wonderful help and experience of the staff at Best Rate Referrals. We look forward to the continued success together!

Marco Chaidez
The Mac Group

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