Marketing Direct Mail

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In today’s hyperactive digital world, direct mail can help brands stand out and connect with consumers.

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Direct Mail Still Works ― As Proven by Marketers Every Day

Our innovative direct mailing strategies have been phenomenally successful in achieving our clients’ marketing objectives.

  • Identify consumer needs & send message of how you provide the service they are seeking
  • Designed to capture a specific target audience
  • In-house graphic designers
  • Tested and optimized copy and creative
  • Full-service mail house
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Tested, Accurate and Proven Direct Mail Processes

The Best Rate Referrals team measures everything we do. From delivery rates to response rates, we have our fingers on the pulse of every direct mail campaign we manage.

  • Custom Direct Mail: 100% customized letters or snap packs, edited to your specific requirements by our in-house graphic designers.
  • 95% Accurate Mailing Lists: Targeted mailing lists based on filters of your choice. We work directly with credit bureaus to provide you with accurate mailing lists.
  • Free USPS Mailer Tracking: With the help of our free United States Postal Service (USPS) mailer tracking system, we track every piece of mail we send and provide you with reports on the progress of your direct mail campaign.
  • Free PURLs: Personalized URLs (PURLs) are customized web pages that include known prospect information. The personalized and streamlined experience, along with 24/7 access, can dramatically boost response rates.
  • 800 Call Tracking: Our call tracking software can track and record every call you receive from your direct mail campaign and provide detailed performance reports.
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Full-Service, A to Z, Direct Mail Management

Our streamlined direct mail process is designed to be easy for you execute and effective at achieving your marketing objectives.

  • Step 1 ― Mailer Production: Choose a market-tested mailer template, PURL template and mailing list parameters. Our in-house graphic designers customize your creative executions, and then your direct mailer is printed, stuffed, sealed, stamped and shipped by our state-of-the-art direct mail printing and fulfillment facility.
  • Step 2 ― Delivery & Response: Using scanned barcode data, a daily delivery report is compiled. Once delivered, the consumer contacts you directly via phone or PURL. Most of our direct mail campaigns average a 0.2-0.5% response rate.

Lucrative Mortgage Marketing Direct Mail

Join the thousands of mortgage clients who have had success sending direct mail with Best Rate Referrals.

  • Market tested and optimized creative executions
  • Industry knowledge regarding offers that work in today’s economy
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Close more loans with targeted direct mail. Let Best Rate Referrals show you the way.