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With a team of professionally trained telemarketers, we can assure you that our live transfers are hot prospects ready to talk to you. Each agent is trained to call on your behalf, representing your company to promote your campaign so all you have to do is close down the deal. Every campaign is customized based on your target audience. You control the amount of live transfers you would like to receive each day and what hours of the day and our telemarketers will deliver.

All leads we transfer to your phone are:

  • 100% Exclusive
  • Pre-qualified for your Services
  • Highly Interested prospects

We have a live transfer quality control systems in place so every transfer entered into our database can then be reviewed and verified in accordance to our quality control standards. This is a great way to ensure all leads you speak with meet your requirements.

Any transfer that you find not meeting your criteria is automatically removed from our database and is never sold and will be replaced for you free of charge. Why waste time on trying to pre-screen all prospects on your own when you should be focusing on your numbers! Call us today to speak with one of our experienced live transfer campaign managers on how you can get started with Best Rate Referrals and get your conversions up to speed!

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